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Morning Random Ruminations

It's snowing this morning, big flakes that fall hard and melt immediately on impact. Some of the flakes are so big they are more like clumps. I love the silence of snow. When it piles up, it mutes everything, and you can hear noises from far away. I read something in The Week about how snowflakes have bacteria in them. Seems like it was genus Actinomyces, or Acinetobacter, but a species that we haven't studied.

The kitten crouches then springs and lands soundlessly on the table. It is as if she weighs nothing. She isn't really a kitten anymore. She's a year and seven months old. We just call her "Kitten" because her name is difficult for most people. Shakti is a familiar and comfortable name to me, I guess because I have spent so much time studying philosophy, mythology, and yoga. There are many stories associated with that name.

We're headed out to find a waffle this morning. So far we haven't found a decent waffle house. If I'm going to pay $8 for a waffle, I want it to be big and perfect and heaped with delicious fruit and real whipped cream. But so far what we've gotten has fallen far short of expectations. It seems that you pay more and get less no matter what you are after. I suppose it is just the times.

For example. A couple of years ago I bought a hot water bottle at Walmart. It cost $5 and was imported from China or Hong Kong, somewhere like that. It is a good hot water bottle, and I am still using it. I thought it was so good that I went to Wally world (where I rarely go) to fetch another to give to someone. The price was still the same, but the design had changed. No longer is there any metal in the neck of the bottle. Now it is all plastic and does not seal as well as it once did. We pay the same for a cheaper and less effective product.

After our waffle today I'm going to tackle the bills and papers that I have been sticking in my desk drawer. There are lots of notes and articles that I pulled because I wanted to post something about them. When I have time, I love to write and post a lot in this here LJ. It gives me somewhere to put my randomness.
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