liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Obama the Charismatic Idealist

I heard on the radio this morning that has endorsed Obama. Judging from the collection of cartoons my mother sent me in her last letter, she is supporting him too. I wish I could. He has good intentions and a big heart. I know this from reading him. He is young and entrenched in a corrupt system. He is a pawn.

Both McCain and Clinton have sold out. Clinton, who once tried to reform our healthcare system, now takes as much or more "contributions" from pharmaceutical companies as any other senator. McCain the so-called maverick has towed the line under Shrub so much that maybe his urge to puke has passed. Obama sold out as little as he could and still get where he is. It's a devil of a compromise.

I told myself years ago I would stop voting for the lesser of evils. Jerry said "If you vote for the lesser of evils you are still voting for evil." I don't really believe Obama is evil, but I believe that the system that he is in supports, creates, begets evil. Power corrupts. I can only hope that Obama is the country's choice and that he can still listen to his own heart and soul in the cacaphony of demands, seek knowledge and listen to the wisemen, and act on what he knows deep down. He is not stupid like Shrub. I hope that he will discuss fiscal policy with Ron Paul. There is hope for Obama.

I am still voting for Ron Paul. I have a point to make.
Tags: hope, obama, pharmaceuticals, politics, ron paul

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