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Ron Paul Supporters Stopped Naturopathy Bill in Colorado

Here's my question, to the Ron Paul supporters and other Libertarians out there:
Why was this bill (Colorado HB 1064) blocked? Specifics would be useful.
Can you envision a licensure bill for Naturopathic Physicians in your state that would not trigger the anti-socialism patrol?
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Some comments from
Kimberly Sharples, HHP
Health Freedom Activist

HB 1064, is the Regulation of Naturopathic Doctors bill. This bill was introduced by Rep. Jeanne Labuda. We are opposing this bill for several reasons.

HB 1064 defines the practice of naturopathy and naturopathic medicine as the same thing, basically all of natural healing.

HB 1064 makes it unlawful for traditional naturopaths or natural health practitioners, from practicing anything within that definition. Those in violation can be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor or a Class 6 felony.

HB 1064 also makes it unlawful to use titles or words, including naturopath or naturopathy, or ND, unless licensed as a Naturopathic Doctor as specified in the bill.

HB 1064 states that one must have only graduated from certain naturopathic medical schools, which eliminates thousands of other health care practitioners from practicing creating an exclusionary and monopolistic bill.

HB 1064 is poorly written with no honor of the traditional naturopaths and all natural health healers and practitioners.

We are urging everyone to please call, fax and email the members of this committee and urge them to vote NO on HB 1064.


The following is from Rena Bloom, ND, and written from the position of supporting Naturopathic Medicine as a professional practice for those educated at a four year college. Rena supports licensure for trained practitioners in the state of Colorado:

They say when you are in a battle, no one wins. Today HB 1064, the bill to regulate naturopathic doctors was "postponed indefinitely" in the House Health and Human Services committee. In English that means, the bill was killed, before an official vote was taken.

The motion to P.I. the bill was offered by Rep Marostica, and seconded by Rep Swalm.

The people who voted to kill the bill were:
Rep Marostica
Rep Swalm
Rep Frangas
Rep Gagliardi
Rep Kerr
Rep Green
Rep Hicks

The hearing room had a State Patrolman posted, as apparently last week Rep Stafford received some harassing phone calls from people opposing HB 1064, and felt quite uncomfortable, to the point of calling in the State

This morning an email went out from the HealthKeepers, and on Presidential Candidate Ron Paul's web list, soliciting help in opposing HB 1064. People were asked to attend the hearing, wear red, and bring
signs. Which they did. The parking lot was full of Ron Paul bumper stickers, including a big 4X4 pick up truck, with Harley Stickers, and painted on the back: >. Does that truck belong to any of

As we left the hearing, a group of young men in red, with motorcycle helmets approached us on the sidewalk, and when Greg said excuse us, we didn't need visitors for this discussion, they proceeded to remind us
that the sidewalk was public property, and any one could stand there. We crossed the street, and they followed, again telling us that this was public property, and since we were just a bunch of communists, we should
just move to China. The state patrol was called, at which time the young men left.

I share this ugliness with you, so you get an understanding of how the opposition does politics.

I also share my disappointment. The Health Freedom movement is reveling in their glory of our loss. That's the part about battle, someone has to lose.

I have many thoughts regarding the pursuit of future legislation, which we can share at the CANP meeting coming up later this month.

At this point I admit, I would be happy not setting foot again in that capitol for a while. I also look forward to having the time to participate in more life giving activities, which is nice.

Good news is, you all might as well continue to call yourselves Physicians, and practice as you were trained. The legislators obviously did not think that was a big enough problem for them to deal with.

Rena Bloom ND
Legislative Chair
Colorado Association of Naturopathic Physicians
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