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Reflection: Modern Medicine and Damaged People

It is said that the unconscious or subconscious part of the mind is programmed early in life. I heard in the conference over the weekend that the subconscious programming begins in utero until sometime around six years of age.

In the movie, The Business of Being Born, one commenter brought up the point that many children are being drugged in utero and throughout the birth process, and are being born via C-section, denying them and the mothers of the benefits of vaginal birth, including that deepest level of animal bonding. The normal human endocrine events of pregnancy and birth are drowned in the chemical cocktail provided by modern medicine.

Then my previous post--the one about pharmaceuticals lobbying congress to get a larger customer base for their antidepressants by putting pregnant women on them....And the factoid all the school shootings and similar violence of late has been perpetrated by individuals who were on SSRI's.....

These things make me wonder. Of course, I am always wondering, WHAT IS GOING ON here, in America, today, and for the last generation or so? Why are we so self-centered, overfed, apathetic, addicted, self-righteous, depressed, isolated, so......American? Why are these effects so much evident here than in other cultures around the world? What ARE we doing to ourselves? And WHY?

What if.....all these drugs that we are using, all these drugs that are in our mothers and our water and our food animals......are changing us? Permanently? What if everyone who was born by C-section has an "attachment disorder"? What if everyone who drinks tapwater has a hormonal imbalance? What if everyone who eats chicken from the grocery store has high arsenic levels? What if everyone who eats sushi has mercury stored in the white matter of their brains? What if we have become a nation of drugged and dysfunctional people and there is no cure?

factoid = something I was told that has not been verified in my experience, but sounds suspiciously true

Personal note: Missed 3 on the anatomy lab final but in two of three I knew the anatomy perfectly well and just named the adjacent part where the line is blurry. I don't feel the need to argue for the points, and feel I have done better this time at knowing the names of the body parts. A new study method did it for me. I drew the parts on blank paper this morning and wrote in the names. As long as I know what the part does, remembering the name is possible. I am enjoying adding to my understanding of the human body. It is an amazing and beautiful thing.
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