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The Cat Chronicles

Sometimes I don't check my email for a while, but I just did, and I am glad I did. My biochemistry class for today was cancelled, so I don't have to go in until time for my anatomy final. That takes some pressure off! Phew. I can catch up on other things.

Suzanne is gone out to pick up a black posterboard. She has been photographing her mother's heirloom indian jewelry, and is going to sell it on ebay. She needed a better background.

A repairman from NW natural is sawing out our old gas meter and installing another. I called this morning to report a gas leak that I smelled outside, yesterday. He came and found me to see where I had found the leak. He didn't find one at first, but then he found one on the other apartment's gas line, and then one adjacent to our meter. Lots of small leaks. Old gas pipes, rarely maintained. I'm glad he's giving them the once-over. This whole house is shaky. I have found myself another little dump, quite similar to the last little dump that I lived in. Everything is old, crooked and jury rigged, but I don't mind. I chose this place because of the location and the price. And Suzanne fixed the doors so that now it is secure. It's fine with me.

The kitten is sacked out, after having spent about an hour outside this morning. She is a little hellion, still. When I sit at my desk she just loves to tear up my papers, dig things out of my drawers, steal my pens and walk on my keyboard. Right now I am sitting on the couch using a lap desk, and she is letting me be.

Shakti has grown up a lot in the last 6 months. I think Suzanne has tamed her. She will sit in my lap now, and allow me to hold her, more than she did before. She also is developing a little paunch, the sign of a grown cat. Her food is still bottomless. Her fur is still delightful. She could live for a long time yet.
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