liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

My Yoga Practice

I've been practicing at home, in between and around the rest of my life. I don't have a special hour set aside where I have complete peace. Instead I practice while I am making tea, or while Suzanne searches for an image of the great Apache Chief Cochise of the Chiricahua on the internet. I watch the clouds go by out the window. At the moment the clouds are pink and purple and headed south in poofs. I'm all energized from a few basic yoga asanas, some downward dog variations and basic sun salutations. It's amazing how tingly I feel. I felt a few muscles begin to burn when I tried the more challenging variations, and wondered...will I be sore? I seem to make my hamstrings sore almost continuously. My hamstrings shorten when left to their own devices, and need continuous encouragement to grow longer.

I have been practicing more standing poses, balancing on one foot. I often will practice a little while out on a walk. There are certain posts and fences that I use to get myself in good balance with all my weight on one foot, and the other propped up high. From there I can hold my foot and find my balance and stand nearly upright with my foot held high. For the longest time I did not have the pelvic strength to do this, and now that I am beginning to be able to do it, I realize how much strength I have gained. And also how much more there is to have. I am growing myself new hips. And I do not appear to lose much ground in between practices. I just continue to get stronger and more balanced in every aspect, with practice. I am surprised how easy it is now, when it was so impossibly difficult at first.
Tags: home, tribes, walking, yoga

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