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Biochemistry: Amino Acid Derivatives

32. What are the catecholamines? epi, norepi, dopa. What is the starting material for catecholamine synthesis?' tyrosine

33. What enzyme requires copper, asscorbate, and tyrosine as participants? If he meant O2 instead of tyrosine, it would be dopamine Beta hydroxylase (notes page 66)

34. What metal is required in melanin synthesis? copper. What is the consequence of a defect in tyrosinase? albinism.

36. (there was no 35) What is the chemical role of tetrahydrobiopterin in a metabolic pathway? tetrahydrobiopterin = BH4 hydroxylates (in notes page 67) two reactions: phenylalanine --> tyrosine AND tyrosine --> dopa

37. What is creatine? a protein to which phosphates can be added Creatinine? a breakdown product of creatine phosphate Creatine phosphate? creatine with high energy phosphates, a storage form of energy for muscle, used as supplement by weight lifters. Which of these is excreted in the urine? Creatinine. Creatinine excretion rate is a valable tool in identifying abnormal function of which organ? the Kidney.
Tags: amino acids, biochemistry, nutrition

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