liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Mexican Food in Portland: El Mezcal

Today, after a lovely walk around Powell Butte, we stopped by our favorite (so far) Mexican place in this town. Still good. The highlight was the park, though. It was sunny and the trails had scenic views. We could see Mt Adams in the distance (over 12,000 ft) as well as Mt Hood towering close by, and Mt St Helens with its top blown off. This would have been a primo place from which to watch that eruption.

1) free hot crisp chips (.75 chips were a little stale)
2) two or more salsa choices, one of which should be spicy HOT (1 only one choice but it was good and hot)
3) margarita with tequila and lime in it, no high fructose corn syrup (.50 seemed more syrupy this time)
4) food and plate temperature sizzling hot (.5 mine wasn't)
5) menu: simple, fresh, authentic, not "creative" (1)
6) good sauces/beans/tortillas (1)
7) good entrees (.5 don't order the green chile, ench red sauce is good, taco is good)
8) reasonable price (1)
9) pleasant space, warmth, colors, lighting, smells, service, etc. (1)
10) "Sopapilla o' tortilla?" (0)
BONUS: (1 we like the lady and this time they had soccer and the news on the TV en Espanol)
TOTAL: .75, 1, .5, .5, 1, 1, .5, 1, 1, 1 ==>8.25
Tags: food, mexicans, mountains, portland

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