liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Ron Paul Book "Bomb"

What I have loved about this campaign is that they ask me to do things I might have done anyway. I just got an email asking me to buy a copy or three of Ron Paul's new book (The Revolution: A Manifesto) and guess what, I will! And I will wait until the day they asked us to buy them. April 30. If you're joining our book buying spree, you might want to buy it early, because everybody will probably run out. Through this internet/email network we have the power to make a statement. And frankly, though not spending your money on businesses that you disapprove of is a useful tool over time, all of us suddenly dropping a dime on something we do approve of probably gets more attention. What's beautiful about all of this is that THERE IS A WE. There are a lot of us who agree with the principle and spirit of Ron Paul's message, and the revolution will carry on.

Now that I've looked at amazon and seen that the hardcover is only $14.28, I might not be able to wait until the 30th. I want a hardcover. Parting this sucker from her money is not so hard.
Tags: books, business, money, publishing, revolution, ron paul

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