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Searching for Authentic Mexican Food in Portland: La Carreta

La Carreta, 4534 SE McLoughlin Blv (99 and Holgate), Portland, OR.
We tried this restaurant a few days ago and it's pretty good--except for the food. Even with the bonus point (great Mariachi band on a Thursday night) they score a 6.5. There is no perfect ten without a hot sopapilla with butter and honey. We're wondering where the Mexicans hang out.

1) free hot crisp chips (.5 points, free, crisp but not warm)
2) free with at least two kinds of salsa, one of which should be HOT (.5, one kind, med hot)
3) margarita with tequila and lime in it, no high fructose corn syrup (.5, house margs weak and fancy margs pretty good)
4) food and plate temperature sizzling hot (1, finally a place where the plate is hot!)
5) menu: simple, fresh, authentic, not "creative" (1 typical)
6) good sauces/beans/tortillas (0 sauces weak to nonexistent, beans below average, didn't get a tortilla)
7) good entrees (0 taco was grease fountain, relleno was mostly batter, chimi wasn't fried enough, enchilada had no sauce, etc)
8) reasonable price (.5, I confess I want it under $32.10 plus tip)
9) pleasant space, warmth colors, lighting, smells, service, etc. (1: bustling)
10) "Sopapilla o' tortilla?" (0)
BONUS: (1) for the Mariachi band, they were good

We finally looked up the "Iron Horse" and its menu is too extensive and foofy for us. Nevermind. We don't even want to go there anymore.

Here's what we're trying next:
La Bonita, 2839 NE Alberta Street. Between 33rd and MLK.
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