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Bomb Explodes at Military Recruiting Station in Times Square,0,4589903.story

The commenter (Army Captain Charlie Jaquillard, commander of Army recruiting in Manhattan) says "if this is directed at the troops then..." but what evidence is there for it being directed at troops? The bomb exploded at 3:45 am, so it was not meant to kill anyone. The troops are gone to the middle east. The explosion was a comment about military recruitment. It was directed at what Captain Charlie does for a living, at our government, at our wars of aggression. He is trying to deflect it as an "anti-troop" statement because that spin has worked for our reigning oil-hawks whenever congress tries to stop funding their wars of aggression and resource stealing.

Of course it is necessary for the powers that be to distract us from the intended message. Linking this explosion with "similar" bombings at the Mexican and British consulates is also distraction. There is also an effort to discount the action as vandalism, but it was not painting on a bridge underpass. This was not random kid stuff. This bomb was a message.

I foresee an increase in violent antigovernment action. It will happen because we the people are afraid to speak out, afraid of our own government. It doesn't take much speaking out to get you on the government "List" and then you can't fly without spending extra time getting your luggage swabbed, or worse. Fear drives people to unusual lengths.

I also find it interesting that the bomb planter traveled by bike. Bikes can be very stealthy. I wonder if they will get the bomb-planter by having video of his bike.
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