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Ruminations on Medical Education and Springtime

I just finished taking the 4th exam in organ systems, on the digestive system. I thoroughly enjoyed studying the GI, and look forward to the next round! Gut health is a modifiable key to overall health. I did OK on the exam, there were a few questions (as usual) that I answered by deductive reasoning, and because my knowledge base is spotty, my deductions can lead me to quite wrong answers. No worries. It is all beginning to plug into the big picture.

I'm getting more satisfied with my education here, gradually. I was very frustrated at first, because it seemed as if all I was expected to do was memorize reams of unrelated minutia and regurgitate for tests. Now it is beginning to synthesize into a bigger picture. The best part is when I learn something that helps me to understand a medical quandry from earlier times of my life.

For example. An old boyfriend of mine (Jeff) used to turn his head a certain way and pass out. Yesterday Brons was lecturing about the vasculature that goes into the head, and talked about "kinks" in the cervical arteries where they exit C-1 and enter the skull through the atlanto-occippital membrane and up through the foramen magnum. He talked about how people can have temporary blindness or loss of consciousness from turning their head a certain way. Voila! Jeff's odd fainting finally has a reason to be.

Another example. A friend of mine named Scott visited once complaining of sciatic pain. He'd had it for the better part of a year. We researched it and finally discovered that certain stretches could releive the pain. But we didn't know then about the variations in the path of the sciatic nerve---how some 12% of people have sciatic nerves that go THROUGH their piriformis muscle, and how they are especially prone to getting it pinched.

I am hoping that something in my education will give me the right suggestions to help a friend's chronic constipation, and another friend's headaches, and on and on. I know I'm not supposed to be giving out any advice (practicing without a license) but I can't help but to try to understand using the practical applications of my family and friends. It's human nature.

It's springtime outside. The daffodils and a few shrubs are already blooming, and there are lots of buds and potential everywhere. I have never lived this close to the ocean before, and I still have a little shock every time I see seagulls flying overhead, or sea lions playing in the river. I'm grateful that the days are getting longer. This summer I hope to spend more time at the ocean, maybe even take a kayak out there and ride a few waves. Get some sun on my very white regions. I haven't seen my body this white in many years.

Daylight savings time changes again this weekend. I don't like our time getting changed around bi-annually because somebody thought it was more important to have daylight in the evening than in the morning. Who are they to decide that for me? What if I like having lots of morning light? Arizona doesn't do the hour adjustment, and I liked it that way. A day is a day. A dawn is a dawn. It shouldn't be at a different time because of human bias.
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