liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

A Philosophy that Resonates with me: Core Synchronism

A friend who resides in upstate NY sent me this link ( and asked me what I thought. I was skeptical at first, because everybody can put up a groovy website and act like they have some special knowledge. But then I read this essay ( and decided that for the most part I agree with the author about what people are and how we work. It was notable the degree to while this philosophy is a synthesis of traditional yogic understandings (chakras, etc) and naturopathic medicine (healing crises, etc.).

"Health is in fact, a state of harmony which is manifest first internally, then externally. Nature is our ally on this journey we call life, and any form of disease is merely an expression of nature (our bodies) seeking balance. Once balance is established, the disease pattern is healed, or released, from the system."
Tags: body, enlightenment, health, isms, mind, naturopathy, philosophy, spirit

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