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The Cat Chronicles

Yesterday the kitten stayed indoors all day because she was limping and perhaps tired. I was at school, Suzanne stayed home and watched it rain. It rained all day. The first week of school has been stressful, but overall I'm feeling much better than I did last quarter. The main difference is that I have not JUST moved away from my home of 7 years. I am not getting lost in the school building anymore, I know where to go for the things that I need, and I am more realistic about the expectations of me as a student.

Instead I've arrived in Oregon, then relocated to a place that suits my needs for school. My fantasy relationship has transitioned to the reality with all its blessings and challenges. I have decided the complete at least my first year here before making a final decision about my path to come. The rains keep coming and life is good. The kitten meows for my attention when I come home. We are all doing fine. It's not easy being here in the damp cold, but at least we have the warmth of each other. And our new heaters.

I have begun to read Flu; The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the virus that Caused It by Gina Kolata. Very interesting so far. I was unaware that the flu killed that many people in the last year of WWI. Apparently it has been a much neglected fact in histories ever since, perhaps because it was so disturbing. At any rate, I plan to write a small paper about this book for my microbiology class. Maybe I'll succeed in getting honors in another class. During the 1st quarter I had no hope of doing any more than surving.
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