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The Competition to become US President

This morning when I turned on my radio I got another blast of it. On the BBC they were interviewing people asking what "change" they would like to see in the US. The callers each seemed to be supporting a particular candidate, instead of a particular platform. One Hillary supporter managed to get in the whole anti-Obama attack---the line about how he said he wasn't going to support the Iraq war and then he did vote for funding it. The Hillary supporters conveniently forget to comment on the fact that Hillary voted to support more of Shrub's neocon laws and aggression than Obama did. Hillary has the worst kind of "support the powers to share in the power" record. So the real gripe against Obama is that he said he would not support it and then he did. This is frankly understandable, given his newness to the political game and his desire to play it and not get bumped out of the game too early. He has succeeded in staying in the game, but now he needs to assert principles that will take him above and beyond the game. Part of the reason that so few people have heard of Ron Paul is that he refuses to play the game: he said he was against the war, and he voted against it every single chance he got. This is the kind of principled consistency that I would like to see in our entire body of elected officials. Words that contain truth about future action. Then we would know what we are voting for.

I also heard on the radio that some voters are having a hard time choosing between McCain and Obama because both are campaigning on a platform of "change". Change is not enough. Change could be for the worse. I am convinced that McCain is another neocon pawn and as such the change under him would be for the worse. We have reason to fear that the existing Diebold machine cheating scheme may be used in his favor. Change under Obama is undefined. His grand generalities are inspiring, but they do not satisfy those of us who really want to know what he would do and how he would go about it. Rhetoric is not action. We need action. Desperately.
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