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Iowa Caucus Results

After yesterday's primaries we have one state choosing Obama for the Democratic nominee and Huckabee for the Republican. Congrats to Obama! I like Obama, though I find him lacking the conviction to make the drastic changes that we need. I stand firmly opposed to Huckabee because he wants us to "return" to his religion.

Among the Democrats it was Obama 38%, Edwards 30%, Clinton 29%, Richardson 2%, Biden 1%, and Dodd 1%. The Democrat turnout was huge. With 96% reporting for the Republicans, it was Huckabee 34%, Romney 25%, Thompson 13% (15,521 votes), McCain 13% (15,248), Paul 10%, Giuliani 3%, and Hunter 0% (515 votes statewide).

Ten percent of a smallish Republican turnout for Ron Paul is a respectable outcome. His message is out there. We will have succeeded when the mainstream candidates reread the Constitution, address the problems, and begin actively discussing our path on the long trek back toward noninterventionist foreign policy and fiscal responsibility.

There is the chance that New Hampshire will give Dr Paul more votes---enough to put him in the top 3 and force the mainstream media to mention his name. If that happens, and people get wind of what has been happening OFF the TV, there's a chance of----rEVOLution!
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