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Ron Paul on Healthcare

Here are the main points from the brochure:
-make all medical expenses tax deductible
-eliminate federal regs that discourage small business from providing insurance coverage
-not restrict our ability to use supplements (opposes FDA's recent move for greater control)
-opposes the directives of the UN's World Food Code (CODEX:
-give docs the freedom to collectively negotiate with insurance co's to bring down costs
-allow patients to buy cheaper prescription drugs from other companies (will also bring down costs)
-eliminate forced vaccinations and mental health screenings of US citizens
-authored HR 2117, Health Freedom Protection Act, to ensure we have access to uncensored info on supplements
-supports HR 2717, Access to Medical Treatment Act, "expands the ability of Americans to use alternative medicine and new treatments" (how? must look this one up)

Also in brochure: lots of statements about "socialized medicine" not "magically" working here. The image of long waiting lines, poor care, etc is invoked. Just the term "socialized medicine" provokes quite a knee-jerk reaction from most people these days, and people who know absolutely NOTHING about it have the immediate reaction that it is bad and to be condemned. So part of MY work is to begin the process of de-sensitizing this cultural "button". Socialized medicine is an overly simplistic name for a broad range of options by which a society can take care of its people. This is not all bad.

One more thought on Ron Paul: I checked the livejournal group called Libertarians yesterday and found that they are as anti-Ron Paul as they are anti just about everything else. Nothing will be good enough for them, short of anarchy. So fear not, because we all know one or two Libertarians of the ilk to which I refer: Ron Paul is NOT one of them.
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