liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

John Edwards on offer

Well a friend of mine convinced me to look at John Edwards as a potential Dem candidate for president. So I went to the website, and not finding an answer to my question, I sent the question by email: What do you plan to do about our 9 trillion dollar national debt? I have not received an answer. Instead I have been added to an email list from which I get constant hollywood tripe making Edwards out to be some kind of heroic Wyatt Earp. BS, frankly. I actually watched this trailer ( because I was hoping for statements about something that matters, but all I got was a horny soundtrack and lots of stars and stripes and feelgood smiles. I do not give ONE SHIT how cute his kids are. Enough! If I am going to consider Edwards then he needs to GET REAL with me somehow, right away. I am not susceptible to feelgood music, stars, stripes, and pretty smiles. I seek substance.
Tags: media, politics, president

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