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Voting will not get US out of this Predicament

I hate to rain on everybody's parades but voting is not enough!!! It is your responsibility as a citizen of a democracy to inform your self and vote. People act as if they are doing some kind of good deed. Voting is no longer sufficient as your duty to this country. Even if you think you have a candidate who can fix things, voting is not even close to enough. We have let our democracy slide so far that it is going to take more urgent measures to reclaim it. Here are a few ways that you can act above and beyond voting:

1) Get involved in our elections, because there's plenty of evidence that they are being stolen via computerized voting machines and via eliminating the poorer and less informed voters (such as the blacks in Fla).
a. Get citizens involved in the process, oversight, nothing should be done behind closed doors with no witnesses
b. Work at the next election
c. Help with exit polling at the next one
2) Work in voter registration: esp: help get more people registered republican so they can vote for Dr Paul in the primary
3) Talk to republicans, they are the largest group of regular voters who are not fully aware of Ron Paul. Having felt they had to defend the war all this time it will take them some time to come around to a less hawkish position.
4) Talk to your elders, the folks whose political patterns are well established. Help them understand how things are changing, have changed (esp since WWII, in terms of US hegemony and our desperation to maintain it)

More ideas?
Tags: democracy, elections, republicans, ron paul, voting

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