liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Biochemistry Bummers

Well that test is behind me but I have a feeling that the subject matter will come back to haunt me. Better pack the biochem book in the bag for the xmas travels. Argh. I was just standing in the hall talking with people and figuring out what all I missed. I hate it when I have an answer right and change it for the wrong. If I do pass it will be by the skin of my teeth.

And then there was the woman I saw cheating. I reported her. I didn't go directly to the proctor because I didn't want her to know that it was me busting her. I haven't told a student yet, who knows if any will read this. But I saw someone looking through the notes for answers, not just a little bit, but a lot, and I went downstairs and told a faculty member, and they went back upstairs to notify Jolie who was proctoring. Just a heads up: I don't cheat and if you cheat where I can see it, I will turn you in.

I joke about being "a cheater" and "a pen thief" but really, I expect everyone else to put in the same work that I must put in to pass. No less.
Tags: biochemistry, education, integrity

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