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Thoughts on the NCNM Curriculum

I've been making a list of the classes that I would like to see added to the offerings at this school where I attend. I am sure this list will expand, but for now I want to get it into a post so I can throw away the scrap of paper my notes are on. These are my suggestions on how to improve NCNM's Naturopathy Curriculum:

Classes or Requirements

Reduce or Lose
--4 quarters of required homeopathy is too much. One quarter required would be appropriate, to introduce us to this modality without requiring us to adopt it. There are many other modalities worth considering.

Increase or Add
--supporting infant and childhood health
--more than one emergency medicine class
--intro to microbiology
--public health courses, managing a quarantine? pandemics? vaccinations? history?
--add traditional North American tribal medicine, esp herbs but also ritual
--add dance therapy, sex therapy, color therapy, scent therapy electives
--add yoga
--add meditation instruction
--add hypnosis instruction
--we have Ayurveda electives, how about Tantra?
--one more quarter of biochemistry just before the summer of boards

I'm glad there's:
--two quarters of minor surgery
--one required quarter on obstetrics, the basics of birthing, plus an assortment of additional obstetrics classes
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