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"I got poppers in my hands"

Suzanne has good veins. When she went in for her back surgery everybody in the hospital said so. I have admired them myself, and now I'm studying them. In the forearm, the superficial veins are the cephalic, basilic and median cubital. The cephalic traces from the front of the forearm, over the biceps and between the deltoid and the pectoralis major. The basilic goes low on the inside of the arm. And the median cubital is that connector vein between the other two right in the crook of the elbow. Great place for shooting up.

I got called today to serve as a juror for the Flagstaff Muninciple Court. I would have liked to serve. I wish they had called me while I still lived in Flagstaff and worked at PRO. I could have gotten the time off, and I would have liked to see the court from that angle. I would be a good juror. But once again I have missed my opportunity to serve. I half expect that even if I did get as far as talking with the lawyers, they would try to rule me out because I would not fit some type they'd be going for in the jury. I'd probably be too radical for them or something. But I'd do what I could to tone down my apocalyptic views and get on a jury. Just out of curiousity.

Suzanne pointed out that jurors get paid $12/day. "Why would I want to do that?" It makes me wonder, how old is the law that is operating in that case? And do people really want to serve? Who wants to serve? Me. But I know I'm different.

Deeper veins include the venae comitantes: Vena comitans is Latin for accompanying vein. It refers to a vein that is usually paired, with both veins lying on the sides of an artery. Because they are generally found in pairs, they are often referred to by their plural form: venae comitantes. Venae comitantes are usually found with certain smaller arteries (radial, ulnar, brachial), especially those in the extremities. Larger arteries, on the other hand (axillary, subclavian), generally do not have venae comitantes. They usually have a single, similarly sized vein which is not as intimately associated with the artery.

The axillary vein collects blood from the superficial basilic and deep veins, the subclavian receives the cephalic (superficial) and drains into the brachiocephalic vein.

Bordatella vaccination is required for canine Vida to board while we are gone for the holiday. Bordetella is a genus of small (0.2 - 0.7 µm), Gram-negative coccobacilli of the phylum proteobacteria. Bordetella species, with the exception of B. petrii, are obligate aerobes as well as highly fastidious (difficult to culture). Three species are human pathogens (B. pertussis, B. parapertussis, B. bronchiseptica); one of these (B. bronchiseptica) is also motile. B. pertussis and occasionally B. parapertussis cause pertussis or whooping cough in humans, and some B. parapertussis strains can colonise sheep. B. bronchiseptica rarely infects healthy humans though disease in immunocompromised patients has been reported. B. bronchiseptica causes several diseases in other mammals, including kennel cough and atrophic rhinitis in dogs and pigs, respectively. Other members of the genus cause similar diseases in other mammals, and in birds (B. hinzii, B. avium).

Vida also got her toenails cut today. I have never been around a pug before. She is the most basic animal I have ever lived with. Food-obsessed and uncomplicated, she seems to act purely on instinct. Barely trainable.

Spent the day at school today. This is "review and lab final week" and next week is "exam week" for all the lecture classes. In the morning I attended a second open histology lab to review all the organs and tissues and cells under a light microscope. Then after school I went to a histology slideshow. I'm recognizing body parts from the slides. Liver, ovary, cumulus ooferus, vas deferens, brunner's glands in the duodenum, paneth cells in the jejunum, parietal and chief cells in the stomach, goblet cells in the colon, spermatocytes and wanna get leydig cells.

Tomorrow morning, my anatomy lab exam. I put every single term I need to know all on one page. I think I'm going to pass. Everything.
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