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Naturopathy and Libertarianism: Notes on Lust

I'm reading a book about the history of naturopathy, and Benedict Lust (1872-1945) is the "father of naturopathy". It turns out he was also a libertarian. He was feisty in court, and especially energetic when hurling epithets at the orthodox "medical trust."

from page 199 of The Nature Doctors:

Lust cast his counter-attacks in terms of medical freedom, which was as big an issue during his time as it is today. In June 1920, he nominated his long-time ally Dr. Frederick W Collins for President of the United States on a platform adopted by teh Constitutional Liberty league of Philadelphia. Its libertarian platform denounced the increasing curtailment of citizens' rights by the federal governmnet and opposed "compulsory vaccationan and all similar assault upon the health and privacy of a person."

Lust was a populist whose views were sometimes suffused with radical perceptions. "Medical laws are all class laws and unconstitutional," he wrote.

In 1919 Lust wrote: "Without free competition in the art of healing, the American people will be deprived of their unalienable rights under the consittution to select the method and the doctor of their choice and to have the best in the prevention and cure of disease."

in 1935: "The medical machine in this country is the greatest curse ever visited on America. It is interested in keeping the people sick by undermining their health by vaccination and other medical superstitions and crimes. Eventually the plans of the medical trust will cause widespread damage to the American people if they are not checked. Only nature cure can bring health, happiness and long life."

More Lust 1909: "a century from now, the 'regular' therapeutic methods of today will be seen as barbarous as blood-letting and Voodoo-craft appear to us"

Lust imagined "people's hospitals" where people not only worked to cure their disease, but learned how to live so as to avoid future illness.

ADDED 12/2/07 from
Benedict Lust was a man of strongly held opinions. For example, he was: "Opposed to the processing of foods because such 'manufacture' tends to destroy their true nutritional values....Opposed to the administrations of all drugs and narcotics because they are unnatural elements which the human body is not capable of assimilating.... Opposed to the regimentation of the American people under medically controlled elements because such legislation will wipe out other methods of treatment and bring inestimable damage to the health of every man, woman,and child affected.... Opposed to any legislation which in practice would prevent a family from attending to its own ills or the choosing, by such family, of any type of treatment it might desire because such legislation restricts personal liberty and tends to take from the American people the right to use the beneficial homespun efficient remedies which have been handed down from generation to generation."
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