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This may be the first time I've had three hours to myself in ... a couple of months? More? I don't know. I think I needed it. I haven't taken a break yet, I've been deep into my studies, the research project, my philosophy paper (it has not taken true form yet), the biochemistry----all those metabolic pathways that I have skirted around and glossed over so many times. Never really covered in class, always avoided by the teachers. And also avoided by me. I thought they would be too complicated to remember, to peripheral to really affect my choices as an organism or as a healer. But now I am required to learn just certain landmarks on the landscape of metabolism. Knowing the whole map is not required, but now, having found a few landmarks, I can see that there IS a landscape. I am just beginning to see the crossroads and traffic patterns. I am beginning to grasp the workings of carbohydrate metabolism. This picture of how the body works is supposed to stick in my mind, to guide my choices from here on out....but will it? I need it to stick at least until I take the boards, summer after next. But for now, back to my research paper: I will finish it today. Then I will continue to branch out from glycolysis. I need to understand more about how fatty acids connect in, and about the pentose pathway.
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