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Another Friday night and I'm stuck at the security desk. Got no money 'cause I don't get paid. Oh how I wish I had my pillow. It's a rainy night.

Today was the last day of school for a whole week. Not that I actually get a "break". I have two papers to write, a takehome exam to complete, three tests the week following and I forget how many tests in the first week of December to study for. After THAT I get a real break. Maybe I'll even get to read my periodicals or a novel or something.

I just tried to complete the student evaluations of my professors for this quarter. As usual, nothing about this school is easy or smooth. One of my evals didn't go through. And there was a lot of dicking about with windows and stuff to get it all done. Nothing linear or straightforward about it. Took me the better part of an hour. Can't wait to go home. First, I gotta go empty out the student refrigerators. YUCK. Here goes.
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