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A Doubt About Ron Paul

I'm concerned to hear that he did not vote to Impeach Cheney last week. I would have preferred that he take that route, but he appears to have "played it safe" in the way that politicians do. I wondered how far he would take it.


Nov. 13th, 2007 11:03 pm (UTC)
I hear you. Ron Paul would immediately end our military presence around the world, and he would keep our borders more secure than they are currently. He is in favor of communications and trade among nations, so in that sense we would not be cut off.

I think you answered your own question about border control: by removing our military staff from around the world we would have the staff needed to secure our borders and have money left over, relative to current expenditures. Tracking visa holders is something we are already supposed to be doing. And extradition of illegals as they become apparent (get arrested, etc), rather than ignoring them, would save us a lot more money than continuing to ignore them. If our government were not so inept, it would not have to be a large/expensive program to find the illegals.

I am certain that Ron Paul would not create more of a police state than we have already. Our police would be required to respect the law of the land more than they currently do. Back to illegals, when they are permitted to stay and reproduce in our nation we have a continued expansion of our neediest population segment that does not pay taxes, and that drags down the general standard of living. White folks can do manual labor too, and will want to when there is no other work available...

I like that RP is direct, too. I wish Obama would come on out and pin himself down instead of squirming around as much as he does. He's a constitutional scholar. He knows the law.



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