liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

In the Bermuda Triangle of Portland

This school is located inside of a triangle of highways. I keep noticing, more and more, how the chi of the area is scrambled, chaotic, unpredictable and sometimes a bit pointed. Inside the school hallway where I now stand there are bundles of wires hanging from the ceiling, interspersed with air ducts and water pipes and flourescent lighting. There are flyers taped to the walls and it has the feel more of an unkempt elementary school than a medical school. Of course, it was an elementary school before. So I am still looking around and feeling somewhat uncertain that I am doing the right thing. I could go live up in the mountains, at the end of the road and the top of the drainage, and start my herb garden in the spring. I could plant fruit and nut trees and build a home, get established somewhere. But there are classes here that I want to take. I want to learn birthing and herbs and hydrotherapy. I guess I am still not completely convinced that an ND degree is going to take me where I want to go. But here I am, in the triangle. Time to go study the heart, some more, for another exam. Here goes.
Tags: ncnm, nd1

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