liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Went to the Oregon coast today, it was a beautiful sunny day after a whole week of similar balminess. Suzanne drove the first part then I drove her truck. We went out 10 to 8 to 6 to Tillamook, then north on 101 to 26 and back again. We stopped at one overlook on the Tillamook bay where we could get to a quiet little pebble beach. Another place we walked a bit of the beach with salt in the air, then caught fish & chips at a little restaurant right there. Twas relaxing...and fun to see Suzanne so happy. She loves the ocean.

I didn't do much schoolwork over the weekend, just a glimpse at biochemistry and an attempt to sort out my papers and folders. I think my new filing system may work. It is an organic thing. Suzanne bought a huge old filing cabinet for my files but they don't fit. The old filing cabinets have shallower drawers than a modern hanging file. Anyway my filing system is attempt to sort out all the incoming medical information from all sources into some division that will ultimately make sense to me. I am in effect choosing my specialities by the areas in which I consolidate my knowledge.

I feel more grounded after two weeks in the new place. We have internet now, and a couch, and a microwave.

Vida likes bottled beer. She is sitting in Suzanne's lap and pawing at the bottle. Suzanne has trained the dog to do a great assortment of tricks, my favorite of which is howwwwling like a wolf to earn a cookie. If you have never seen a pug trying to howl, noseless and bugout eyes, each trembling howl terminating with a compulsive yawn, you haven't seen the funniest thing in the Universe yet. Vida just licked the mouth of the bottle for a good minute after Suzanne turned it up. Cheap entertainment. =-]

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