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Update on the Fascists' Progress from my friend Fed

Here's Fed's take:

A friend of mine just forwarded this article to me (see link below) regarding NSPD 51 (National Security Presidential Directive 51) which president not-elect Bush signed back in the Spring of 2007.

It basically says that we are one catastrophe away from becoming an overt totalitarian dictatorship (as if we were not already living in one)

The scope is so broad, that anything can be construed as the trigger towards this pathetic and unwarranted power grab.....a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, an economic condition ......anything that the thugs at the White House decide would suit their needs.

If engaged in, this NSPD 51 means that elections can be cancelled (or even eliminated altogether), that the Constitution is thrown out the window, and that even the illusion of a democratic government (which we are now under) will be the stuff fairy tales are made of.

NSPD 51 is loaded with "secret annexions" which ovbiously cannot be made public in the name of "national security". I cringe just to think what these masters of death and disaster have secretly crafted for themselves in this childish but extremely dangerous game they are playing.

.......well, you do the math, read the link below....Fed out for now.

"I think it's urgent that we bring these questions out of the shadows of phony comity. I'd urge readers to call or e-mail their members of Congress and senators now. Call for an emergency joint congressional hearing to end this farce, give us some transparency about what our government will do if we suffer another 9/11. Let all branches of government participate in the attempt to reach some consensus on rational and effective continuity planning. Something more specific and sophisticated than the clumsy but dangerously Orwellian "Continuity Coordination Committee." Ron Rosenbaum
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