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Brons exams in the rearview mirror

I'm this point I'm learning that I was working too hard, trying to understand too much. A lot of what I need to do in this program is conserve my energy and don't let the piss poor lectures and notes get in the way of my enjoyment of life. So I just finished the 2nd Brons exam for the week (1st was musculoskeletal anatomy, 2nd was organ systems: the heart) and I believe I did well on both of them. I didn't study much at all.....just went over the material the day before the exam, and the morning before the exam. That's all it took. I looked up the heart physiology surrounding signalling in a physiology book and otherwise just memorized literally the bogus notes we were given. I didn't learn much but I got a better grade. I resent still that these lectures and notes are as poor as they are. I attribute it to this professor being burned out. He needs a break of about a year during which he should be paid to go through his own notes and reorganize/edit them for clarity and currentness. He's been using them so long that he doesn't remember how to TEACH them.

At home life is good. Suzanne has been learning her way around town and purchasing furniture and fixer uppers for our little place. Yesterday we got a couch up the stairs. The door is narrow and we had to take the legs off the sofa to stuff it though, but it went. Vida (S's pug) was psyched. That dog loves to have a couch! =-]

School tension keeps me from enjoying home as much as I would if I weren't in this program. But I'm learning what it takes for me to succeed, and as I learn that I am able to succeed, I am gradually relaxing. I've learned that in order to have any productive study time at home, I must refrain from altering my mind in any way when I first get home. It is tempting to join in with the relaxation rituals, but I must maintain clarity early because I don't regain it later if I lose it earlier. So last night I stayed sober all evening and was able to focus well for about 45 minutes before bedtime, which I think set the stage for this morning's effective cram session. I seem to study best at school, so I'm just taking that time before or after classes to review the material while I'm here.

Yesterday I got my teeth cleaned, and the dentist let me know that I have about 6 teeth that he would like to fix. Four of them have cavities on them. He is inclined to remove all of my old mercury laden fillings, and so it the hygenist who was picking at them trying to lift them out of my teeth with her tools. She managed to damage one of them enough that it is now sharp and severs my dental floss. Makes me mad. I would rather not destroy functional fillings. Those fillings have lasted me nearly 30 years, and the ones that they want to replace them with are supposely only good for 10 years. I don't understand why they can't make fillings last longer than that. It reminds me of planned obsolescence in electronic technology: they make more money by making a product that doesn't last. I would pay more for something that would last longer. I think I will again spring for the more expensive but more long lived GOLD tooth fix. I don't want to come back every 10 years to fix every one of my 24 teeth that has a filling. There are too many of them. Especially if a fix averages $400.
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