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Signed a lease yesterday morning. And about a dozen other papers. One that says I can be fined $250 if I take the batteries out of the smoke detector. Another that says it's my fault if mold grows in the bathroom. I'll be charged $50/hour for any repairs that need to be done. Basically what I have learned is that a renter in this market has no power. And if I did have any power, I just signed it away. I felt violated after going over all the "agreements" I had to sign to get a place to live. And that doesn't even address what I'm paying for another slummy apartment. This is fucked up. But at least I have a home. Suzanne will be here on Friday and probably Friday night will be the first that I spend at the new place. Move the cat on Friday too.

I've been noticing how expensive food is, too. I'm trying to feed myself good food, but I'm not used to spending so much. I'm getting alarmed about money. Hopefully it will pass.

I just came out of anatomy lab, where we reviewed the body parts that we covered on the last three Wednesday mornings. My next class is Organ systems, where we have an exam. I am not fully awake yet. I was up fairly late reviewing, and then had to get up early this morning to make the bus to get here for lab. I missed one bus so I went for a 10 minute walk then came back to the bus stop. I practiced some yoga at the bus stop--a little utanasana, a couple of lunges, and then standing on one leg while holding the foot of the other leg up high. I'm getting to where I can do it---gaining the strength and flexibility in my hips. Bus stop yoga is fine with me.

Now I'm going up to the stinky-feet energy-medicine room to practice some more. I can't review anymore organ systems. At this point I either know it or I don't know it.

The kitten didn't come home last night and wasn't around this morning either. It was raining. I don't know where she is holed up but I hope it is warm and dry. I hope she isn't dead on the road. Suzanne was talking last night about the time she worked in trash pickup, and about picking up dead animals off the road. She made noise about the fact that nobody was contacting the owners of animals even if they had tags on them. I think she probably influenced the system for the better.
Tags: home, money, relocating, shakti, yoga

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