November 26th, 2015

urban sitter

2015 Announced Hottest on Record (and it's not over yet)

Sounds like the planet's overall temperature increased by a whole degree in one year.  It may be time to stop trying to stop global warming, and start making plans about what to do about rising seas, receding ice, and the other direct impacts to people's lives.

(**tag note: merged "global warming" into "climate change")
Homer Simpson "D'oh!"

Word of the Day: Glutard

Glutard = a person who avoids gluten because they believe it is the key to their health, without any evidence to support that belief.  There are those who would argue that Naturopathic doctors go around creating glutards.  There is a lot to know about food sensitivities and gluten specifically, which I will not address here.  Suffice it to say that some people do not need to avoid gluten but instead they focus on it with a neurotic intensity that earns them this label.  Many people are crazy around the subject of food.  This word has entered my vocabulary thanks to Laura Sol, welder and metal fabricator.