November 15th, 2015

critter 2

QotD: the Long Eye of History

Don't forget: We live during the least violent time in all of recorded human history. We have done this by abandoning tribalism and embracing the, cosmically speaking, very new ideas of compassion and empathy. What we are seeing are the death throws of an old morality, where honor and vengeance and the death you could inflict were how you judged yourself as a person.

So the proper response to a terrorist attack shouldn't be hate or bloodlust, but pity; pity for a group actively choosing to be forgotten and disregarded by the long eye of history.

--Keegan Blackler


Movie notes: Monte Walsh

It's an old western with Lee Marvin, really a wonderful movie about a cowboy who looses everything but maintains his center, his calm and his kindness.  It seems to be about the end of the Wild West.  There's a fantastic and long riding scene in which the cowboy named Monte "rides the grey down".  Humorous too.  I liked it.  My mom complains that it was slow.  She already deleted it from her direct tv.