October 31st, 2012

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California: YES on Prop 37

A yes vote would require labeling of genetically modified foods and food ingredients. If you don't live in California, you may not know what a big deal this is. The Yes effort is a grassroots effort that I learned about by way of my friends in Cali and from Dr Mercola. There are six major funders of the No campaign; they are the six largest pesticide companies in the world. Fifty countries label GMO foods, but the US lags behind because of our close ties to megabusiness.

The latest news is that the pesticide companies (Monsanto et al) are attacking Dr Mercola personally. Dr Mercola's post details the plethora of nonsense they have propagated in order to confuse voters.

Unfortunately, when people are uncertain they tend to vote NO, but what we really need is a YES vote on this one. So tell your friends in California. It will do them no harm to require GMO products to be labelled, and having the ability to choose which foods they consume would do good.


Tis best to procrastinate on complex decisions, but to just act on simple items. But somehow I am able to put off things that I dread for some time, then one day I do them, the dread dissipates, and I feel so much better. I need to get on with it. And I think our newly established morning meditation routine is helping me do that. At the very least it helps me see my own dread.