August 22nd, 2012


Another Example of Corporate Irresponsibility

If Progressive is proud of their tactics, they should say so. "We fight against claims to keep our costs low, saving you money." But if they're not proud, they should tell the truth, learn from it and apologize.
--Seth Godin

Seems like this is what we'd expect from insurance. It's only unfortunate when you are the one denied coverage.

Thyroid marker (TSH) varies significantly on diurnal cycle

The gist of the new finding by Dr Schor is that many hypothyroid patients may be missed because up to now nobody has realized that TSH levels fluctate on a pattern not much different from cortisol. This is no surprise to me since I have already learned that when we awaken naturally in the morning, it coincides with an increase on our body temperature, whereas when we fall to sleep, our bodies cool down. Thyroid hormone is a heater upper; without it you are cold. Based on what I know of the release patterns of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), CRH (cortisol releasing hormone), and GH (growth hormone), I am going to assume that all hypothalamic hormones follow a diurnal rhythm, and that it is possible that they might all pulse in the pre-dawn hours and decrease in the afternoon.
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