July 11th, 2012


South Fork Salmon Notes

Ran it K-1 self support July 7-10, 2012
Self support notes elsewhere
2 beers in the bow of my embudo balanced the trim
None of us knew the run: Bruce, Jim, Ken, David, me
We scouted all the V's, took conservative lines
Read and ran most IV's, some needed scouting, can't trust the notes you know

Flows 3.3 at launch, 3.1 at takeout, felt medium for the riverbed, est: 3,000 CFS
Technical big water: granite boulders and powerful clear water, gradient 42fpm
3 nights to vinegar was leisurely, in camp by 2 every day
campfires at night, fire rings present in 2/3 campsites
burned on rocks by water when no ring
90-100F hot weather, oven-hot winds, wandering t-storms last day/night
River temp cool but enjoyably swimmable
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Republican Gestures

Repealing Health Care
Posted on July 11, 2012
by Ed Stein

This just in: the House voted to repeal the new health care law. That is, the Republicans in the House went through the fruitless exercise of once again voting to do something the Senate has no intention of going along with. This makes sense for Republicans, because it must be really embarrassing for them that Obama managed to pass a law that was almost entirely their idea. The whole notion of the mandate to buy health insurance was cooked up by the Heritage Foundation and endorsed by Mitt Romney when he gave Massachusetts citizens nearly universal coverage. It’s really funny to hear them denounce it all now as a big government intrusion into our lives, and as a–gasp!–tax, which nobody thought to mention until he Supreme Court decided that’s what the penalty for not buying it really is. What troubles me most about the repeal effort is that I don’t hear any Democrats asking the obvious question: WHAT PART OF THE LAW DO YOU WANT TO REPEAL? The part that allows your kids to stay on your plan? The part that prevents insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions? The part that ends lifetime limits on coverage? The part that closes the donut hole in Medicare? The part that prevents insurers from kicking you off your plan if you get sick? The part that establishes the state insurance exchanges (another Republican idea)? Or is it just the part that Obama passed it and not Republicans.