May 16th, 2012

bright river

River Log: UEFH

Got on the Upper East Fork Hood again yesterday (May 15, 2012). It was about a foot higher water than what I experienced last year. I was with Paul and Steve, and Ron joined for the second run. I shuttled and walked and yoga'd while they were making the second run. It was a little juicy for me and I was happy that my one impromptu hole ride was on my left side. My left shoulder feels so solid compared to my right. I got slung out to one edge of the hole, and forced a sling to the far end and out. Meanwhile Steve paddled right over my stern, and my hand bumped his boat. No flips no injuries, just good clean fun. We could have water for a couple-three more weeks then it will be over.

Here's the gage that I'm using:
It's an estimated flow, and may be based on the Tucker Bridge flow hence no more accurate than that. Most folks here are using the foot gage at Tucker but because there are other large tributaries this gage may not reflect the actual flows on the UEFH.
Here's the CFS at Tucker:

Per Ron Reynier:
"So, unless it rains up high and things hit 6 – 7 ‘, it is just a waiting game until the temp hits 85+ in June. Over the last years it has consistently run when we get our first big heat wave. Sometimes Memorial day and one year on July 4. I’ll keep you posted. Look for heat and the gage jumping from mid 3’ range to 4.5 or more over 3 days."

DCA Cancer Cure? Nope, just another Hoax. See Snopes.

This was passed on by a health-interested friend on facebook:

My reply was along the lines of:

Interesting, but I wonder; why haven't I heard about this? The article says I can access the original science "here" but the hyperlink isn't there. And I wonder, can the same effect (as is claimed for dichloroacetate) be had by modulating metabolism by other means? They don't postulate a mechanism for the action on mitochondria. I remain skeptical. Show me the science.

A little research reveals that it is indeed a hoax.