September 21st, 2011


Why should I have to give evidence?

I mean, I AM allowed to just go off about what I think, right? That seems to be what the majority of moralizing politicians do these days. It amazes me how surely the devil will assume high moral ground and dictate from it. The adjectives are awesome. Misguided. Dangerous. Wrongheaded. That last one is a particular favorite of mine. Did Shrub invent that word?

But seriously now. People seem to think that if something FEELS right then it is right. What if it feels right and is wrong? What if your gut is misguided? What if your certainty is wrongheaded? When do we begin to resort to intelligent consideration of trends and patterns, not just impressions based on isolated facts?

Trip Report: Middle and Lower White Salmon

Last Sunday I tried handpaddling the Middle and stopped after a couple miles when my hands got cold. I was out of control in the first rapid, and collided with a friend in a canoe, then got a nice ender while upside down. Also traded boats with other LCCC club members and got to surf in a canoe, or two. The previous Sunday I paddled the same section tandem, but there's no video of that. Here's Mark's video: