May 19th, 2011


New Heights of Madness

This is the sort of whitewater kayaking that is being idealized these days. Apparently this man had no injuries worse than a bruised thumb, but from what I see I say he's lucky to be alive and walk. Voluntarily submitting onesself to this kind of risk looks pathological to me. The fact that ever more ridiculous rapids are being run, and those who survive it being glorified, is worrisome.

((I removed the embedded video because the "user" removed it the day after I posted this. I guess he didn't want the attention...))

Mammograms OUT, Breast Cancer Screening Industry Upset

Ever since a few brave scientists started speaking out about their findings---that mammograms weren't actually savings lives, that they aren't the best way to screen for breast pathology---the numbers of women who are going in for regular breast squishing and irradiation has been on the decrease. And the folks who were in that biz are not happy about it. Their pockets aren't so full anymore.