February 11th, 2011


Resolutions that Tolstoy Didn't Keep

Excerpted from Tolstoy's "Rules of Life" written when he was 18 years old:
· Get up early (five o’clock)
· Go to bed early (nine to ten o’clock)
· Eat little and avoid sweets
· Try to do everything by yourself
· Have a goal for your whole life, a goal for one section of your life, a goal for a shorter period and a goal for the year; a goal for every month, a goal for every week, a goal for every day, a goal for every hour and for every minute, and sacrifice the lesser goal to the greater
· Keep away from women
· Kill desire by work
· Be good, but try to let no one know it
· Always live less expensively than you might
· Change nothing in your style of living even if you become ten times richer