January 7th, 2011


Hypocritical Republicans

The new Republicans just moved in. First, they want to pass a bill that requires all new legislation pay for itself, and not add to the deficit. And they want to repeal the Healthcare Bill. Repealing it would add $230 billion to the deficit because the bill is a money-saver. Last but not least they want to exempt their repeal of the healthcare bill from the rule requiring that you have to fund whatever you pass. How can they justify this logic?

Hitchens on How to Make a Decent Cup of Tea

Christopher Hitchens may have throat cancer, but he still appreciates tea when it is properly made. He has learned, as I already well knew, that you cannot get a decent pot or cup of tea here in the US. And so he wrote an article for Slate about how to do it. All you Americans that think tea sucks, it is because here, it does. But made properly tea is amazing.