October 5th, 2010


Orthopedics: Cervical Spine Exams

1) Observe pt, posture (standing)
2) Palpate c-spine (sitting)
3) Test ROM: (sitting) active (AROM), resisted (RROM)
4) MRS: muscle testing
5) MRS: reflex: DTR: deep tendon reflexes
6) MRS: sensory: sharp/dull and light touch to dermatomes
7) Spinal Percussion (still sitting)
8) Valsalva maneuver (to confirm suspicion of herniated disc or SOL in spinal cord or IVF)
9) Special orthopedic tests (cervical compression test & variations, cervical distraction test, shoulder depression test)
10) Passive ROM (PROM) (supine)
11) Soto Hall Test
12) Vertebral basilar artery insufficiency tests
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