September 3rd, 2010


Vaccination Extremes

If only it were all that simple. Their point is well made but there are considerations for individuals and for public health that are not addressed. The intelligent course of action lies somewhere between the two extremes. I would suggest that parents should consult a physician who will assist them to actively choose which vaccines to give your child, and when. If you allow the federal guidelines to dictate your behavior, you are letting the vaccine industry sell you some vaccines that you may not want, and you may hurt your child with the injections. There are plenty of issues besides autism. If you choose to avoid all vaccines out of fear, you are contributing to epidemics and disease resurgence that we are already beginning to see. The middle road is not easy to find, and it is different for each person based on their individual risks and strengths.

My television habit

I haven't watched much TV in this life. It's because my family moved to Austria when I was 12, and I was broken of the young habit. When I returned at age 16, I couldn't believe how inane TV was. I could sit through it, but the most fascinating part for me was always the advertising. What are they selling, and how? If anyone hands me a remote control, to this day, the OFF button is where I'm going. I've been known to unplug people's TV's when they weren't looking, and to futz with the controls to make it hard to get back to their program. But I have a confession. Now that I am living in a city where I STILL don't have any close friends, my best friends are on the radio and the internet. And the two shows that I watch on Hulu both feature men who are cynical and adept at seeing through people (House and Lightman). I don't own a TV, but I have two computers and a wireless network. I just ran across a composite clip that simulates a conversation between the two men, and it cracked me up. Collapse )