August 12th, 2010


New Netherlands Tx Centre Serves Beer to Alcoholics

The object is to keep their blood alcohol steady and their stress level low to avoid binge drinking. In this situation alcoholic patients are more likely to be amenable to consultations with doctors, psychologists, etc. Dr Mate would approve. Alcoholics are people too.

Open since last October, Centrum (Centre) Maliebaan in the central Dutch city of Amersfoort allows its residents to drink up to five litres of beer on the premises every day, with an hour between each 500 ml (half-quart) serving.

ASIDE: According to a recent Gallup poll 67% of US adults drink alcohol. This is a slight increase from last year and the highest fraction of the last 25 years. Beer is most popular.

Sitting Could Be the Death of You

Researchers at the Ochsner Health System in Baton Rouge, Louisiana analyzed 14 years of data ('93-'06) on 120,000 people, adjusted for smoking and obesity, and discovered that just plain old sitting is a major health risk. Six or more hours a day on the keester causes women to have a 37% higher risk of dying compared with women who sat 3 hours or less. The difference in death risk between 3 and 6 hours sitting among men was only 17%. ...people who sat a lot and did not exercise or stay active had an even higher mortality risk: 94% for women and 48% for men.
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