June 5th, 2010


My Student Loan

Funny, I feel better after studying the details of my student loan repayment agreement. I will do what I am able, I will serve, I will work hard. I am already good at paying bills on time; if it is possible I will do it. If it is not, well, so be it.

Behind the cut is government text---some of what I'm signing off on for my student loan. I am happy to learn that the loan is forgiven if I die (my family is not on the hook), though if I were to get married my husband would influence the governmental decision about how much I should be able to pay. That's sort of a bummer but I wasn't anywhere near getting hitched anyway. Also learned that if I default the entire amount becomes immediately due (nice joke) and then all they do is garnish wages and keep my tax returns....makes the Patch Adams approach somewhat more appealing.

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