June 4th, 2010


Portland Queers Too Sexy for the "God Hates Fags" Crowd

Yesterday the Kansas crowd had a protest at Grant High school, first thing in the morning. Perhaps they did not know how well organized the queers are here. Perhaps they did not consider that in the face of hate, the Portland LGBT crowd is capable of responding with love and humor. Whatever the case, I hear that the Kansas churchies were tormented with silly gay flirtations and outrageousness. In one particular case a local man stripped off his pants, and wearing only some very short shorts went up and started complimenting one of the self-righteous about his swimmer's build. The Kansas bunch also has a series of protests scheduled at synagogues, and because they are also anti-queer, the queers are supporting the Jews in facing them down. It is a beautiful thing.

QotD: Re-Written Histories

The "acceptance syndrome" inevitably occurs when over generations a people's history through crisis, has undergone a sort of splicing together at critical junctures where forged reality has been superimposed onto deliberately cut out segments that would otherwise provided us a consistent sequence of events. This incomplete historical version when fused back together negatively truncates what would have been the natural progression of an ancestral memory and through it inuninterrupted progresssive communal learning.
--Antonio Velazquez-Guerrilleros de la pluma