May 21st, 2010


RAND (R*A*N*D) Paul takes the Brunt for Breaking Taboo

He has kicked off quite the furor after beating the mainstream Republican in the Kentucky primary. The media is all over him, calling him nuts. The girls at my school were completely positive that he is a Racist. I wonder if they even know why they think he is a racist. The web is calling him racist because he doesn't agree with part of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Well I haven't studied the law, but I am positive that if I did I would find something about it that I don't agree with either. Does that make me a racist? We have a new definition of racist!! Are there not more ways to abolish racism than this one law? Is political correctness always so simple minded? I'd love to see a reasonable intellectual discussion of the issues before the witch hunt begins. His position is incomprehensible from the liberal groupthink mindset, hence he must be insane.
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