April 29th, 2010


Gary Null 'bout kills himself with his own supplement

It's a sign of confidence when a health guru uses their own product. Null's Ultimate Power Meal apparently had 1,000x more vitamin D in it than it should have had. That is, two MILLION instead of two thousand IU's. It's pretty well known at this point that the AI (adequate intake of 400-600 IU) and UL (upper tolerable limit of 2000 IU) specified by the government are too low for most North Americans, but Null was definitely taking a toxic overdose. The NY Post Headline got a guffaw from me: "Putting the DIE in diet". Not that I have any ill will for Gary Null; I am happy he is getting better after 3 months of slow recovery, and sad that his kidneys may be permanently damaged. He's 65 years old, sort of late in life to take such hard hits.
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