March 1st, 2010


QotD: Unrequited Love as Fuel

Because you are true warriors,
Despair is your call to basic goodness;
Doubt is the razor knife of clarity.
From your unrequited love springs vast vision.
From your unappeasable longing has risen
The constancy and discipline that shall restore the world.
--Gesar to the people of Ling from The Warrior Song of King Gesar

Ron Paul Ruminates

Since my 2008 campaign for the presidency I have often been asked, “How would a constitutionalist president go about dismantling the welfare-warfare state and restoring a constitutional republic?”

This is a very important question, because without a clear road map and set of priorities, such a president runs the risk of having his pro-freedom agenda stymied by the various vested interests that benefit from big government.

Of course, just as the welfare-warfare state was not constructed in 100 days, it could not be dismantled in the first 100 days of any presidency. While our goal is to reduce the size of the state as quickly as possible, we should always make sure our immediate proposals minimize social disruption and human suffering.

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Atheists Meet with Obama Administration

Personally, this is why I like Obama, even though I wish he'd shed the middle road position of supporting corporatocracy. He'll talk to anybody. Even the people who think that religion might well be the reason for much of the hate and violence that occurs between humans, instead of the solution to it. The right ring Xstians, with their vitriol, betray themselves. Who is more hateful?
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