February 13th, 2010


Stop the Building of the World's 3rd Largest Dam

They're going after the Amazon now. Here's where you can begin to get educated or follow the links to let your opinion be known to the Brazilian government.

Stop Belo Monte Dam!

Last week the Brazilian government approved the environmental license for the controversial Belo Monte Dam in the Amazon.

The dam, slated to be the world’s third largest hydroelectric project, would devastate an extensive area of the Amazon rainforest, and threaten the survival of indigenous and traditional peoples. Construction could begin this year.

The decision has caused a national and international outcry. Right now, more than 5,000 Kayapo Indians are traveling to the Big Bend of the Xingu River to set up a protest camp to prevent dam construction. They are threatening war.

Studies have shown that by investing in energy efficiency, Brazil could cut demand for electricity by 40% by 2020 and save $19 billion in the process. The amount of energy saved would be equivalent to 14 Belo Monte dams!

Saturday busy-ness

Lunchtime. I'm at school. It's the day that we have Clinic Synthesis, a review of some of the hard skills and knowledge that we will need to pass our GPA2 exams and to practice as physicians. It is really good to review this stuff. Being a secondary in the clinic I am not getting to do a lot of exams, so I need the practice. Next year, when I am a primary, I will get to do more of the exams. I am looking forward to it.
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